News room: Crowdfund your next book in the CompletelyNovel Pubslush community

Crowdfund your next book in the CompletelyNovel Pubslush community by Sarah Juckes

CompletelyNovel are pleased to announce their Pubslush crowdfunding community, that allows writers to generate an invested readership for their book whilst they create it, and readers to discover the next big thing before it hits the shelves.

Crowdfunding websites have hit the headlines recently as authors use them as platforms to generate funds and a dedicated readership before their book even hits the shelves. What’s more, readers can discover great new stories, and reap exclusive rewards in exchange for ‘backing’ the book.

Although CompletelyNovel offers authors a low monthly subscription to publishing, meaning authors do not need to raise money for upfront publishing fees, crowdfunding offers CN authors extra support if they wish to invest in editing, book design and marketing. What’s more, crowdfunding is a great way to engage new readers and generate interest for your book before it even hits the shelves.

Click here to start crowdfunding your next book in the CN Pubslush community.

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To find out more, we asked Justine Schofield of Pubslush to explain more about why crowdfunding has become so popular, and how writers and readers can benefit from joining the community.

Crowdfunding is a booming industry that allows business savvy entrepreneurs and artists to fund their projects by collecting various small amounts of money from a comparatively large number of people. Through Pubslush, a global crowdfunding and analytics platform for the literary world, authors can use the power of crowdfunding to help fund the creation of their book.

1. Collect pre-orders. Pubslush is a reward-based crowdfunding platform, which means authors are able to create reward levels at various dollar amounts to entice and thank their supporters. The higher the reward level, the more the supporter gets in return for their financial pledge. Of course, the most obvious reward an author can offer would be a copy of their upcoming book! Your book is the end goal of your campaign and by offering it as a reward—either in electronic form, hard copy, or both—you are essentially able to collect preorders. So, if 100 people support your campaign, that’s 100 copies you’ve sold before the book is even published!

2. Market your book pre-publication. In order to propel yourself to success in the book market, it’s important to build a buzz around your book before it even hits the shelves (whether virtual or physical). It’s difficult, though, to market a book that hasn’t been published yet. A crowdfunding campaign offers a tangible way to talk about, build a buzz and drive traffic to your book before it’s published.

3. Build your audience. All of your pre-publication marketing efforts will help you to build an active audience that is aware of and awaiting the publication of your book. Also, if you’re able to secure and fulfil your pre-orders before the book comes out, those early readers will be able to write reviews for you as soon as your book is available for sale. Having those early readers is a great way to build the initial momentum needed when breaking into the book market.

4. Understand Your Audience. Through Pubslush, you will receive advanced market analytics from the supporters of your campaign. These analytics will tell you market details like age, gender, geographic location, etc. Knowing these important analytics of your audience will greatly help your marketing efforts moving forward with your book PR.

5. Build Your Database. The supporters of your crowdfunding campaign are the initial people who believed in your project and helped to foster the creation of your book. They chose to support you and to be part of the discovery process, which means these are people you want to hold on to as you move forward with your current and future projects. Through a crowdfunding campaign, you’ll be able to retain the supporter information and use it to rally support for future projects.

Justine Schofield is the development director of Pubslush, and has become a prominent voice in the publishing industry and an advocate for educating authors and publishers about crowdfunding. A graduate of Emerson College in Boston, she is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University. She tweets for @pubslush. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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    Meira Eliot


    01 Dec 17:44

    You guys at Pubslush were so professional and helpful when I recently successfully crowdfunded an anthology (Breakdown!) about mental health with Pubslush. The proceeds went to help fund a local community cafe. I have just published my first novel with Completely Novel (The Strangely Surreal Adventures of Sylvia Smetana – go on, you know you want to read it!), so I’m thinking: why not Pubslush-crowdfund the book I am writing now – Robin the ’Hood! The exploits of Count Moribund Van Pyre, Countess Verruca and their teenage children in the charmingly insane village of Little Titmongering might just take your fancy!

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