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A guide to creative writing by Oliver Brooks

The good folks at Need-t0-know have published a book on creative writing. We’ve just received a press release about it due out in a few days time.

Press release:

Creative writing is for everyone, whether as a richly rewarding hobby, a means of self-discovery, a vehicle for self-expression or as a possible means of earning a living. The chances of hitting the Sunday Times best-seller list might be slim but if you’re serious about developing your talent as a creative writer, if you need ideas and tips for getting your work finished, accepted and published then Creative Writing – The Essential Guide is the book for you.

Whether you’re an established writer or a beginner, whether you see writing as a potential source of income, the road to stardom or as a personally rewarding spare-time occupation, Creative Writing – The Essential Guide will be there to help you through each and every swerve in the road throughout the course of your writing process. Author of the book and award-winning blogger, Tim Atkinson has written several non-fiction books and runs one of the UK’s most popular blogs which has featured on national radio and TV.

Creative Writing – The Essential Guide has detailed chapters that are ‘jargon-free’. Covering how to identify your writing style, reading as a writer, be your own editor and how to move towards publication and more. If you want to increase your chances of becoming an established writer, this new self-help guide is for you.

Published by Need2Know, Creative Writing – The Essential Guide will be available from March 2012 on the Need2Know website

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    stephanie wagner


    08 Mar 07:45

    It’s unbelievable that with all the creative writing courses out there, that no one teaches the necessity of researching your market before you set pen to paper. Search the local bookstore and read the writing magazines. Editors actually tell these magazines what they are interested in, in a fairly timely manner. Most of the guess work is taken out for you. You know which editors are looking for what type of stories.

    Oliver Brooks

    Oliver - Most popular response

    19 Mar 14:20

    stephanie said: It’s unbelievable that with all the creative writing courses out there, that no one teaches the n...

    A very good point. Having a clear idea about your target audience is essential, not only for marketing but also in making sure you are producing content which your audience wants.

    smith curt


    07 Dec 08:42

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    07 Dec 09:36

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    Yan de Faux


    01 Feb 00:10

    Oliver said: A very good point. Having a clear idea about your target audience is essential, not only for mark...

    Oliver says:
    “Having a clear idea about your target audience is essential…”

    - Agree!
    Some books I’m working on are aimed at the ‘mid-Atlantic’ ie: to be acceptable —more or less -
    to both sides of the pond. But one I started today (yet another new one!) will be mainly aimed at the UK audience, as it would take too much work to have it fully adapted to the US market, as well over here in the UK.

    But overall, I often write with ‘two heads’! I think it’s useful (if one can do it) to write addressing yr ‘audience’ face to face, as it were, so I try to bear that in mind, even in the first throes of a piece.

    I wait to see if this method always works, but in the past I seem to have received a favourable reaction, from an international readership…

    Yan de Faux


    01 Feb 00:14

    Oops! I got ‘strikethroughs’ on some of my text again, I guess it’s my ‘human error’ but can’t figure how!

    ~ But I’m sure I’ll be informed soon enough! ;)

    bob kristen


    22 Feb 06:00

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    Jill Parks


    17 Jul 18:49

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    Jack Ponting


    08 Feb 07:31

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    Daisy Faith


    20 Mar 09:57

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