News room: How to make a 3D book to use in your marketing

How to make a 3D book to use in your marketing by Sarah Juckes

Anyone who has done a book event will know the benefits of displaying a physical book, over a flat image on a screen. The same goes for your online marketing – whether it’s on your website, social media, in a newsletter or on your business cards – displaying your book in 3D can really bring that eye-catching cover to life.

So – here are five ways you can make your book cover three dimensional, just like this one we made earlier:

1) Distort, using Pixlr online editor

By using a high-quality template image of a print book (such as this one), and a free online editor such as Pixlr, you can map your JPG cover image onto a 3D book using the ‘distort’ tool. There’s a great step-by-step tutorial on how to do this on swift22, here.

2) Free-transform, using Photoshop

If you have access to Photoshop, it’s even simpler to map your JPG cover image onto a high-quality template, using the free transform tool. Here’s how:

Open an image of a print book in Photoshop:

Go to ‘file’ and ‘place’ your book cover JPG onto the template image:

Hold down ctrl (for Windows) or command (for Mac) and drag the corners of your image until they meet the edge of the template book:


3) Let us do it for you

If you’d like an image like the one above for your own book cover, then we’re happy to make this up for you for just £35/$45. Just send us the front cover of your book as a high-quality JPG image and we’ll do the rest. Drop us a line.

4) Upload it to Photofunia

We love this nifty website. Just upload the image of your front cover here to see it turned into a 3D book in seconds.

5) Make an actual print book!

Books really do look better in print. Try creating and printing your book for free using our Free Plan, or publish it worldwide for only £7.99/$11.99 per month.

Then, all you’ll need to create your own 3D book image is a camera!

So there you have it – 5 ways of turning that flat book cover image into a 3D book. So now over to you – do you have a 3D image of your book? Share it below!

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    Leslie  Walter


    17 Sep 15:28

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for this great idea. I have just modelled EYE OF FREEDOM in accordance with your instructions (really easy to follow) and it is already posted on Facebook. Thank you.

    Sarah Juckes


    18 Sep 12:12

    Leslie said: Hi Sarah, Thanks for this great idea. I have just modelled EYE OF FREEDOM in accordance with you...

    Awesome – nice one, Leslie! Have you got a link to share with the community?

    Dehumidifier  Reveiws 2016


    31 Aug 06:51

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    jiya joseph


    05 Jun 13:01

    If you want to have a good promotion for your book and the story, it is always better to implement some promotional ideas so that people come to know about this. Introducing a 3D book can be every effective. Try to make it attractive so that others will have an interest in reading it.

    wiatmppgryar Bloggs


    18 Apr 08:40

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    maitri shah


    04 May 13:04

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