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Cover Design tips from CompletelyNovel authors by Sarah Juckes

Thanks to all the authors who entered our Book Cover of the Month Competition in September! It was great to see so many authors creating professional covers using the CompletelyNovel cover creator. We also received some great cover design tips from authors, that were too useful to keep hidden in our inbox. Below we’ve shared our favourites, including from the winner of the competition, Tom Evans.

COMPETITION WINNER – Tom Evans, for his Book, This We Know

We loved the illustration and clear target readership for this cover – well done, Tom!

“I am not a graphic designer. All my covers use stock images from Shutterstock, iStockphoto and Fotolia, and rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop Elements. Apart from my time, no cover cost more than £20 to design.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED – Mary Ancillette, for Perfect Choice

The striking image Mary used for this cover would stand out on any bookshelf.

“When designing a cover, you first need to define the target audience. What would attract that readership? Then, don’t over complicate it, and make sure it has relevance. Finally, the use of colour is important, it needs to catch the reader’s eye even before the title, so make it attractive.
No matter how much we ’shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ unfortunately most people still do. Don’t rush this important aspect of the book and browse many book shelves to work out what attracts you.”

HIGHLY COMMENDED – G. P. Moore for The Golden Circle

We were really impressed by the author’s cover design tips – take note, everyone!

“Think about your story visually – what images emerge in your mind as you read it (don’t
necessarily focus on the book title). Search the internet for those kinds of images. You’ll come across loads of ideas that might either inspire you towards the final cover design or even be spot-on what you are looking for. In fact, I have often gained inspiration for entire storylines simply by coming across an interesting image on the internet.
An important, but sometimes difficult bit however, is tracking down the artist. So many images on the internet aren’t credited to the artist. Be prepared to do a bit of detective work!”

Have some tips of your own? Share them below!

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Start creating your book cover, now.

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