News room: Spot the difference: CompletelyNovel updates, June 2010

Spot the difference: CompletelyNovel updates, June 2010 by Anna Lewis

CompletelyNovel has changed a bit – here’s a run-down of the changes.

New ‘Publish a book’ button
We’ve added a ‘Publish a Book’ button to the top of the website. This is a quick link to publishing so if, at any time in the day you get a publishing urge, you can jump on it straightaway! When you are logged in, this will lead directly to your Portfolio page where you can start publishing a new book.

New ‘Publish’ Home Page
We have made it easier to find out more about self-publishing and start creating your book on CompletelyNovel by creating a new Publish home page. You can also find out more about the CompletelyNovel Publishing Plans on our updated plan page
Publish Home Page
Publishing Plans

New discussions
We’ve made the discussions a bit easier too. The first thing is that to reach a page where you can browse the discussions, just look to your left…there you go! Click on that ‘discuss’ button and you are in the zone where you can ask away. There are more obvious places to go for discussions depending on the topic that you would like to talk about.
Discussions Page

Currency selection
You can now pay in pounds, dollars or euros. Choose your weapon!

Your Account
At the top of the screen, you will see there are some other changes beside the ‘Publish a book’ button. There is a drop-down arrow next to where is says ‘Account’. This gives you quick links to seeing your orders, changing your photo and altering your locale (where you are based).
We have also updated your orders page so that you can see more clearly what you have bought and the status of it, as well as the addresses that you have stored with us.
My Account Page

Projects that are in the pipeline
We are working on two very important updates at the moment, due to popular demand:
1 – eBooks – you will soon be able to sell your book as a downloadable eBook on CompletelyNovel and also access distribution to other eBook platforms.

2 – Upgrade for the BookStreamer – we will be adding in lots more features to make this even better for promoting and sharing your book. It will include restricting the number of pages that people can view, adding in other monetisation methods and enhanced embedding.

There will be lots of other updates coming along too which we will let you know about shortly…but those are the main ones!

A massive thanks to everyone who has given us feedback over the past months to help us prioritise our projects and develop CompletelyNovel. We are really pleased and we’d love if you could keep it up!

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    Bryony Allen


    10 Jun 00:13

    Yes I must admit I haven’t been on the site for the last couple of days but already there are even more changes. It is definitely going in the right direction as far as I’m concerned and I look forward to further improvements and support from the CN team. Big thanks to Oli, Anna and the team as Alan says.

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