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Download 'A CompletelyNovel Guide to Book Marketing' by Adriana Bielkova

We’re very pleased to announce that A CompletelyNovel Guide to Book Marketing is now live and available for download for only £2.99! In this article, we explain a little more about the eBook and give you a sneak preview at its contents. We’re also very excited to announce that this eBook is FREE to any CompletelyNovel author who has been with us for longer than six months, as part of our new long-term author reward scheme.

About the book

Ready to launch your book into the world, but aren’t sure how to start? Or perhaps you’ve hit a wall with a book that’s been out for a while, and are looking to give it a new lease of life?

Whatever stage you’re at, this book marketing guide will show you how to apply your own creativity to promoting your book, so you can increase sales in the short and long term. The advice in this guide has been collected from top industry experts and then tailored to you.

Buy the eBook as an ePub file, here.

Buy the eBook as a PDF, here.

What’s included?

The main thing to note about this book is that it aims to help you apply that same creative brain you used to write your book, to marketing it. Included in this are practical tips on:

  • How to define your book and your audience
  • How to target your audience
  • How to write an elevator pitch
  • How to make sure your book cover and blurb appeal to your audience
  • Creative ways to use metadata
  • Planning your marketing
  • Creating a press release
  • Networking and events
  • Giving a speech as an author
  • Blogging and social media

As well as advice from us and industry experts, we’ve also included practical exercises you can do to apply these tips to your own work. To help, we’ve compiled these into a printable resource document that is available to download free of charge, here.

Author reward scheme

As part of our commitment to CompletelyNovel authors, we’re offering this eBook free to any Plus or Pro plan author who has been publishing with us for over six months. It’s one of many rewards we’ve launched this week for our long-term authors, read the full list here.

Where to get your copy

Can’t wait six months? Buy the eBook on CompletelyNovel here for £2.99 / $4.99.

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    Dean Clark


    18 Aug 19:07

    I just tried to change my locale and it didn’t have Australia as a choice. please rectify. Regards Dean Clark

    Sarah Juckes


    19 Aug 09:44

    Dean said: I just tried to change my locale and it didn't have Australia as a choice. please rectify. Regard...

    Hi Dean, you change your country by clicking on My Profile and editing your location. Best, Sarah

    Béatrice Crawford


    09 Jan 16:26

    I have just purchased for £2.99 ‘The Completely Novel Guide to Book Marketing’, and I am unable to find where it is downloaded on my Portfolio or anywhere on the CN website!

    What should I do to have a chance … to find it and read it?



    Sarah Juckes


    09 Jan 17:12

    Béatrice said: I have just purchased for £2.99 'The Completely Novel Guide to Book Marketing', and I am unable t...

    Hi Beatrice,

    There is a link to download the eBook from your Book Orders page. You can get to this by clicking on your name at the top of your screen (with the downwards arrow) and then clicking ‘Orders’.




    09 Jan 17:15

    The locale doesn’t work for me either. Even though I have Spain in My Profile it always appears as United Kingdom in the switch locale :)
    Hugs from Barcelona

    Sarah Juckes


    12 Jan 11:42

    María said: The locale doesn't work for me either. Even though I have Spain in My Profile it always appears a...

    Hi Maria,

    I can see that your profile is listed as in Spain for the important parts like Book Orders, so don’t worry too much about the locale listing! Thanks for letting me know though!


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