News room: Brit Writers' Awards Unpublished call for submissions

Brit Writers' Awards Unpublished call for submissions by Anna Lewis

A ‘heads up’ that the Brit Writers Award are now accepting submissions for BWA Unpublished 2011.
The official deadline is 5pm (UK time) on Friday 25 February 2011, but they are closing the competition once they receive 20,000 submissions.

The organisation behind the Awards is offering £10,000 to the overall winner which is not a small amount! This year was the first year that they put up the prize and it was won by an unpublished children’s book author called Catherine Cooper.

You can check it out here at
You can submit up to three pieces of work for a fee of £10.95 (including VAT). But apparently entry is free of charge for entrants who have declared their association to a BWA member school, business or community organisation by using that organisation’s unique BWA membership number.

Did anyone enter the last competition – would be interested to hear your experience of it and whether you would recommend it. Also, if you have any opinions about these kinds of competitions, we’d be keen to hear them!

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