News room: Get creative with book spine poetry

Get creative with book spine poetry by Sarah Juckes

We’ve recently discovered something that makes looking at our bookshelves even more exciting: Book Spine Poetry. The idea is to take the books on your shelf at home and arrange the spines until the book titles create a poem.

So – over to you. Include your book (or books!) in a book spine poem and send a picture to us via Twitter or Facebook, and we’ll share it with thousands of readers.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favourites:


I live in the future & here’s how it works
waste and want
in pursuit of the unknown

Via Brain Pickings.


Every day
wild roses
through to you.

Via Stay Bookish.


A day at the beach
The bathers.
Shark 1
Shark 2
Shark 3
Sudden Violence

Via Sorted Books.


Here’s a little poem
Lala salama
Tweedle dee dee
Caterpillar caterpillar
Dance with me

Via Candlewick Press.


As though she were sleeping
the humans
like bees to honey.
Stay away from the buttercups

The CompletelyNovel team’s attempt..!

So, you’ve seen our attempt – now it’s over to you! Where does your book fit into a book spine poem? Send us your pictures via Twitter and Facebook.

Need books to photograph? Remember that our CN Luxe Printing offer is available for all CompletelyNovel authors.
Find out more here.

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