News room: 8 unique gifts for writers that they actually want

8 unique gifts for writers that they actually want by Sarah Juckes

Gone are the days when the only things in writers’ Christmas stockings were Moleskine notebooks and a rather snazzy pen. In the digital age, there is absolutely no excuse not to get the writer in your life a gift that will inspire, motivate and even change their life forever.

But we understand that finding those pearls in the expansive internet ocean can be rather difficult. So here’s eight of the best we’ve found.

1. A customised writing mini-break

Want to give your writing friend a break from scribbling on the back of receipts as they commute to work, but not sure what kind of retreat breeds inspiration? Well, you can’t really go wrong when booking a stay in one of these pads for a long weekend. All of these AirBnb homes have proven themselves inspirational, by housing some great classic writers, so you know they’re legit.

Book a retreat in an AirBnb literary home.

2. Noise-cancelling headphones

Don’t have the budget for a full-on writing retreat? Then give them a break from reality with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Whack a pair of these on, and your writer could be just about anywhere.

Read this comparison of the best headphones.

3. Their book in print

We all know writers love books, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to get a whole heap of them this Christmas. Beat them all by getting their book in print. Their words – poems, stories, memoirs – all wrapped up in a beautiful little print book package. As nothing beats seeing your words in print for the first time, this one is a definite winner.

Buy a CompletelyNovel easy-print gift voucher.

4. Scribble on the walls

When writing a book, writers need to get all the stuff out of their heads and onto the page to see if it actually makes sense. As I am yet to find a piece of paper big enough to contain an ENTIRE WORLD of information on it all at once – writing on a wall seems like a pretty good choice. But maybe protect the wallpaper – there will be some scrubbing out.

5. Professional feedback

Nothing quite helps a writer hone their skills more than a bit of one-on-one feedback. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you tell them that what they are writing is great – they aren’t going to believe you. Instead, get them the gift of an appraisal or mentorship from a top editor with a TLC gift voucher.

Buy a gift voucher for a TLC manuscript appraisal.

6. A writing course

As well as being a way to learn all about the craft of writing, courses can also be incredibly motivational. If you want to see your writer get so excited about their work that find it difficult to talk about anything else, then book them onto a course. It might just be the best gift you could get them.

Check out this list of online and real-life courses.

7. A shed

Virgina Woolf might have dreamt of a ‘room of one’s own’, but go one better with a shed. No – I’m not suggesting you cram them astride a lawnmower – make them a little writing haven away from the bustle of the house with a few books, a nice desk, a power supply and a view of the garden. They just might even get some work done.

Get your writer a mega-shed.

8. Your belief that they can do it

It’s common for writers to have mini-confidence breakdowns practically every time they write something. This – plus the inevitability of rejection that will always be taken personally – means that you yourself are actually a very good gift for the writer in your life. So tell them you know that they can do it – and that they are not allowed to stop until they do.

Get them one of these Etsy gifts.

What’s the most useful thing you’ve ever bought for a writer? Comment below.

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    miriam Victor


    04 Dec 10:44

    I wish to thank Sarah and Jessica for the help and understanding they had given me .My book of memoir ‘Immigration masterclass’ by Miry Vicks is out and already on the book shelf of many readers.

    Steph Richmond


    11 Dec 20:21

    printed out and handed to hubby … not sure it’ll make any difference but we can hope. I’m holding out for a retreat ;)

    Judith Williams

    Judith - Most popular response

    12 Dec 07:07

    Definitely leaving this where family can read it!

    Angela Maria


    16 Jun 12:33

    Very excited to know about this Christmas gift for writers. I think all writers will like this. Could you please update more details about it? Hope you will update it as soon as possible. Eagerly waiting for your updated post to know more.

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