News room: 4 free templates to help you promote your book - part one (print)

4 free templates to help you promote your book - part one (print) by Sarah Juckes

If you’re planning on doing any face-to-face marketing at events such as book signings, or even directly to local booksellers, then you’ll need some printed promotional materials branded to your book. We’ve seen some awesome examples of homemade flyers, posters and information sheets, but getting it right can be tricky.

So what information should you include on a book information sheet? And what kind of sign do you need for a signing? Below, we’ve laid down some guidelines and linked to a couple of free, editable templates for you to use for your own book.

A note on the templates

We’ve created these templates in Canva, because it’s free and open to everyone. For each document, you’ll see one link to an uneditable example, and one to a public template that anyone can edit.

Please note – as the public template is open to everyone, any changes you make to it will be saved for the world to see. So, please make a copy of the template before you start editing by going to ‘File’ and ‘make a copy’.

From there, you can change any part of the template privately and download it to print at home for free.

See something wrong with our editable templates? Let us know.

1. Information sheet – for pitches

If you’re hoping to pitch to the local bookstore, then having the essential details about your book on one sheet of paper can be handy.

An information sheet doesn’t have to be particularly pretty – but it does need to boil down your book to the bare essentials:

  • Metadata (book title, author name, ISBN)
  • Availability (release date, short links)
  • Elevator pitch (tag line, blurb, short except)
  • Contact details (your phone number, email address, website)

2. Flyer – for readers

Not all readers you speak to at events will be able to buy a copy of your book there and then. For these people, it’s worth having that they can take away with them.

We’ve created a simple postcard design, but some authors prefer creating these into bookmarks. Including a picture of your book cover and information about how readers can buy the book, is really all you need on here. We’ve jazzed this one up a little with space for a tag line or short review, too.

3. Newsletter signup sheet

Possibly one of the most important marketing avenues you’ll overlook – a strong email list is a great way of turning fans into superfans.

You can offer an incentive for signing up to your newsletter – extra content in the form of an eBook, or something readers can take away with them there and then (like chocolate). If there is an added incentive to join your newsletter list, then pop this on your signup sheet. Otherwise, all you really need is a note to say their email address is safe with you, and a space for them to write it, along with their name.

MailChimp also have a handy app that’ll enable your readers to subscribe directly to your list on the day. Check it out.

4. Events poster

Superstar author Mark Leslie gave plenty of tips for causing a splash at a book signing when he spoke to us last month – one of which was a poster. Whether for your own table, or for a table near the door of the bookshop telling people there is a signing on today, your poster should be simple, bold and branded to your book.

The poster we’ve made has space for your book cover, title, author name and even a little about your book. We’ve also included a space for you to add a special promotion – perhaps a discount, or a free gift if readers buy your book on the day.

Although we’ve chosen to create these templates in Canva, you can also use these as guides to create your own in Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or any other software you have on your computer. Next month, we’ll also look at templates for digital marketing materials, so sign up to our newsletter for updates!

So – over to you. What promotional material have you found works for face-to-face book marketing? Leave your comment below.

More stuff to help you market your book:

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