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10 Quotations about Late Bloomers by Jessica Barrah

It’s never too late to be a late bloomer in the writing world – and in fact it can be a unique selling point. So pick up your pen (or your laptop) and give it a go! We’ve gathered some inspirational quotations from authors about writing later in life.

1.“You get old and you realize there are no answers, just stories.”
― Garrison Keillor, Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon.

2.“I have enjoyed greatly the blooming that comes when you finish the life of emotions and of personal relations; and suddenly find yourself at the age fifty – that a whole new life has opened up for you. It is as if a fresh sap of ideas and thought is rising in you.”
 ― Agatha Christie

3.“It is a mistake to regard age as a downhill grade toward dissolution. The reverse is true. As one grows older, one climbs with surprising strides.” ― George Sand

4 “At midlife, the name of the game is change.” ― Marianne Williamson

5.“The 50′s are everything you’ve been meaning to be.” ― Maya Angelou

6. “Look at me; wandering late bloomer; floundering old fart, discovering in my forties what my students knew in their teens.” ― Frank McCourt Teacher Man

7.“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”
― Madeleine L’Engle

8. “Just remember, when you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed.”
― Charles M. Schulz

9.“I don’t believe in aging. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun.” ― Virginia Woolf

10.“I’ve never sat down and said to myself, “I’m going to write this or that.” It just happened. It had been stowed away inside me, waiting to come out." ― Diana Athill

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