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Need help using CompletelyNovel as a reader or a writer? Here is a list of some of our frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips to help you.

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Ordering books on CompletelyNovel

How do I order a book to another country?

Let’s say you live in the UK, but would like to send a book to the US.

CompletelyNovel automatically sets your delivery type to the country you have listed as your home town in your profile, so to order a book to another country, you’ll have to let the system know. To do this:

1. When you are logged in, you’ll see your name in the top, right corner of your screen. Click on it and choose My Account.
2. Change your Country to the one you would like to send the parcel to – so in this case, the United States.
3. Click ‘update’.

Now, when you add a book to your cart, it will automatically show the delivery charges to the right part of the world.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Most orders are printed and despatched in 5 working days. Delivery times way vary according to where they are being delivered, but if you haven’t received your order in 2 weeks, then please do contact us.

How much is the P&P for my book?

The cost of postage is calculated by weight and a packing charge is added (this is set by the printers). This means that costs vary from book to book, but to give you an idea for the prices of a 150 page Demy book:

1 copy to a UK address = £3.35 1 copy to a US address = $3.88
10 copies to a UK address = £6.50 10 copies to a US address = $6.61
100 copies to a UK address = £29.25 100 copies to a US address = $49.56

As we don’t take a commission on your sales, we don’t have the margins to decrease this price. If your customers are able to buy from retailers, many offer free postage worldwide, such as The Book Depository.

Creating a Book on CompletelyNovel

How do I add an ISBN to my book?

Plus and Pro Plan authors can add ISBNs to their books in the book creator. To assign your book an ISBN:

1. Go into your book creator project
2. In the cover and manuscript uploader sections, you will see a button that says ‘USE ISBN CREDIT’.
3. Click this and your ISBN will be displayed. You can add this to your manuscript or cover where appropriate.

How do I get to the cover stage of the book creator?

You have to upload a manuscript before you can progress onto the cover stage, as the length of your manuscript affects the spine size. You can find a preview of our cover creator here or an overview of the book creation process here.

Can you help me typeset my book?

We’ve found that typesetting is something that many authors are able to do themselves. To help, we’ve created a free typesetting guide that will take you through the process of typesetting in Microsoft Word.

If you do need further help typesetting, we can do that for you for £25/$45 per hour – most manuscripts taking 2 hours. To apply for this, please contact us and send us a copy of your completed manuscript in Microsoft Word, and a link to your book project on CompletelyNovel.

If you need help editing, designing a book cover or creating an eBook, then please see our People We Trust page. You can also find lots of free advice in our Advice Centre and blog.

I have completed my book, how to I ‘publish’ it and make it live?

Well done for completing the content part of the creator. We’d recommend getting a proof copy printed before making the book live. One you’ve seen how the book looks and are happy with it, you can then enter the metadata section (which is just choosing the categories for your book), and then the distribution tab.

On the distribution tab, you can make your book ‘Public’, which means it will appear on CompletelyNovel. You can also ‘send book to distributors’, which means that your book will be registered and available worldwide on sites such as Amazon.

How do I send my book revision to the distributors?

Have you published a book but want to make changes? It’s free to alter your book on CompletelyNovel, but once your book has been sent to distributors there is a charge of £39.99 to change the files. To put this through, you will need to go to the ‘distribution’ tab in your portfolio, and then ‘Buy site services’. After you have paid for a distribution credit, this button should then turn into a ‘send book to distributors’ button as before.

After you have published a book

How long does it take for my book to appear on Amazon?

Once your book has been accepted by the distributors, your book will be live and ready to be ordered. It can take booksellers such as Amazon a while to register this information and you will usually see this happen over a period of up to six weeks. First, you may see your basic book information on Amazon, and the cover then joins it after a few weeks. This isn’t something we have control over as Amazon is a third party bookseller. If you are worried about the amount of time it is taking for your cover to appear, then please contact Amazon as a user and ask them to update their information (Note: as Amazon is a large company, we’ve found that you have more luck putting these changes through if you contact them as a reader rather than an author.)

Reading and reviewing books on CompletelyNovel

How can I find a book on CompletelyNovel?

You can use the search bar at the top to search for books. If you can’t find the book title, then type in the ISBN of the book or the author’s name.

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